A Plan

In order to affect any change whatsoever, we need a plan.

We believe change cannot be realized by inaction, passivity, complacency, isolation, or digital-only actions.

We believe change will not be realized by voting, because the system has become corrupted in favor of the have’s whose interests are not served by the type and scope of change necessary to meet the moment. – TODO: Link the “I’m Sorry” post

We also believe change should not be attempted by violence.

What does that leave us with? How can anything get done without use of either voting or violence?

We must get the attention of those who hold the attention of the policy makers. The wealthy, the special interests, the lobbyists. And who do they listen to? Shareholders, executives, investors.

These people have security, live in gated communities, travel in private jets and helicopters. How can we possibly get their attention?

Disruption. We actively, without violence of any sort, prevent comfortable normal-course-of-business until the impact is felt. Once felt, we persist. This will escalate. When they are ready to talk, we explain what is needed.

And what is needed? Commitments that result in action! Legal binding commitments to restructure their profit management to force that capital to flow toward cleaning up their act. This could be implementing pollutant capture solutions. It could be retooling. It could be simply shutting down.

If recapture of their pollutants (Carbon, Methane, ‘forever’ chemicals, etc) is not viable due to logistical reasons, and shutting down would impact many people/communities, then they must commit to immediate investment either in alternatives for those communities so they can shut down the pollutant generation, or commit those profits to investment in other climate mitigation strategies. This does not mean ‘plant a tree’ programs which are a key aspect of the greenwashing nonsense we see everywhere today. This means buildout of renewables, development of shelter/feed programs for climate refugees, and other solutions.

What truly has to stop is the perpetuation of wealth creation at the cost of ..well…everything. Planet > Profit.

Once binding contracts are in place, along with agreements for oversight and transparency, we will move on to the next worst violator.

All of this will be done without violence. Although we cannot guarantee this on behalf of law enforcement or private security at these target organization, every person connected with the BoiledFrog will have agreed to and signed a binding commitment to non-violence, even in self defense, on penalty of expulsion.

There are some groups already out there, and in some cases have complete overlapping ideas for how to take action. Just Stop Oil. Extinction Rebellion. Please be a part of all of them.