Overtly A-Political

We don’t want to choose a political side. Discussions about how we are ruining oceans, destroying animal populations, and biodiversity truly ought to be outside the realm of political hot buttons.

Perhaps back in the 60’s when this idea that humans could possibly outgrow the earths resources first became “of note”, and even the 60-‘s through to mid 90s, we could play that game.

If you are still saying there isn’t a problem, then you could head over to our documentaries section and get a bit more educated on the topic.

If you are here to “debunk” and “debase” peer reviewed, well-credentialed scientific information, then go ahead and leave this site, you won’t find it useful.

At this point, the foundational basis for boiledfrog.org is that we can all see with our own eyes, the floods, hurricanes, droughts and fires that are worsening year over year. We can debate causality. We can debate solutions.

Let us please stop “debating” that which is clearly evident.

There’s a problem needs solving. Let’s be adults. Let’s be global citizens. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.



Wait, what are the right solutions? Which have merit? Which are truly viable vs simply being media-endorsed? Which could actually be sustainable vs short-sighted rotten ideas (like ripping up forests to create “biomass” for burning).

That’s the conversation we need to have. Only then comes lobbying and politics and arguing.

But first we need come armed with real, workable, not “invented by greenwashing capitalists” solutions.