You’ve found boiledfrog.org. This once aspired to be a place for people to learn and communicate about climate change solutions, and other enormous-impact issues that are too big to politicize. However, this was difficult to get rolling, and felt like far too little too late. We are past the talking phase. Action is required!

Today we focus on moving past discussion, and into action.

A key aspect of climate crisis mitigation is that most individuals feel too small to think their impact is one that matters, and too “one of many” to feel that they could effect a difference locally, nationally, or globally, even if they really tried. It can even be hard to want to try. We’re still comfortable, and complacent, even if millions that we don’t know or even see are not.

I’m too old fashioned to believe that what I want is the only thing that matters.

Mary Crawley, Fictional Character

Some, however, who are in positions of amassing wealth and policy-making power, feel they can’t make a change because it would impact too many other things. We hear phrases like “cost jobs”, “hurt the economy”, and other highly transitory effects when contrasted with the disaster we are slow-rolling into. And of course the unspoken part is “I might not get to retain power if I try to do the right thing”.

Please take a look at https://boiledfrog.org/a-plan/ to review our idea. Honest feedback from non-trolling non-gaslighting critical thinkers or rational activists is welcome.

If you believe the same or similar, we welcome you to join us in this mission.