You’ve found boiledfrog.org. This aspires to be a place for people to learn and communicate about climate change solutions, and other enormous-impact issues that are too big to politicize. 

We discuss their merits and flaws, in an open-yet-polite public discourse leveraging critical thinking and artful discourse.

The outcome goal is to be mindful of the complexity of change, and to make plans for how you, yes you, can work to make a difference.

I’m too old fashioned to believe that what I want is the only thing that matters.

Mary Crawley, Fictional Character

We hope you are here to help discuss how to create positive change in a world that is clearly struggling with humanities presence/activities.

We want debate, not an echo chamber. However, let us rely on the Merriam-Webster definitions of debate, which should help limit and outright reject flame-wars, ranting, and whatever the conspiracy-minded folks are blathering about.

debate: transitive verb – “to turn over in one’s mind to think about (something, such as different options) in order to decide”

debate: intransitive verb – a: “to contend in words”, b: “to discuss a question by considering opposed arguments”

To be clear: “I don’t believe you” and “I feel it in my gut” are not quality opposing arguments.

While “inclusion and diversity” are vital components of a healthy well-rounded gathering, agents of chaos are not welcome. It is possible to be in opposition, yet still reasonably polite while defining a counter-argument.